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Utah, 2006

15 miles west of Blanding, at about 8000 feet near the Bear's Ears looking southeast towards the 4 Corners area with Texas Canyon right behind the Jeep. The canyon is about 2000 feet deep here.
Petroglyphs just south of Highway 95 west of Blanding at the Cave Tower Anasazi ruin site.   This rock art panel seems to depict a hunting scene, possibly by the nearby canyon with the two sets of jagged lines (maybe) representing the canyon.  At the bottom is a hunter with a dead sheep since he is dragging it and it is upside down.  At the top and harder to see is a sheep that has an atlatl spear in it with a dog behind it and two hunters, maybe a male and female.  There is also another dog at the upper left and a couple more sheep in the scene.
Nancy and Jon sitting by one of the 800 year old ruins at Cave Tower ruin site.  This and the next photo are similar, but this one shows how small a space the ancients had around their homes.  They lived in these places, folks -- and just think about the difficulties they'd face when they'd get up in the middle of the night to go potty (for instance).  One mis-step and it's good-bye Uncle Thug.
And a close-up of Nancy and Jon in some ruins that are very close to Blanding in a side canyon off of West Water Canyon.
A small slot canyon near the trail to a large group of ruins on a narrow ledge high above a canyon west of Blanding.
On the trail to the ruins just past the slot canyon.
Nancy with Jon behind her decending down the steep slope to the ledge the ruins are located on.
Nancy and Jon in the unrestored Kiva at the ruins.
One set of buildings at the ruins with Nancy in the far background above the cliff.
  These last photos are from a ruins at an "undisclosed location". Unfortunately, the best (and only) way to preserve them is to keep their location quiet. It would take only a couple irresponsible visitors to trash these irreplaceable treasures.