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Cafe Diablo, Torrey, UT

Remember that I said the presentation at Cafe Diablo was great? Well, for instance, here's a shot of our salad. Colorful, hey? Even the dinnerware was nice. Another nice touch is that most of the seating is outdoors. They've got very unobtrusive gas-fired heaters in the ceiling, for instance, so even in the cool evening when we were there -- we were quite comfortable. They've got a very nice herb garden right near the outdoor seating area -- and the garnish that you see on the plates is all grown right there. They bake their own stuff, and sell some artwork. If I remember correctly, the chef's specialty (before he bought the place) was desserts, and while we didn't have room for any, the displayed offerings were fantastic. By all means, if you're in the area, make it a point to visit the place.
Let's see -- I think this was the side vegetable that was served to me. Yeah, that's it. They made up that green wrapper from mushed-up taco-like stuff and filled it with stringed (is there such a word?) carrot and mushrooms chunks and other stuff and topped it with a breadstick and surrounded the green thing with little blobs of green stuff. And now you've learned why I don't write for a major restaurant-reviewing magazine. Nonetheless, the plate certainly made the stop at the restaurant even more fun. But next -- the main course!
I had Beef Flank Steak Carbon – $23
Sliced marinated beefsteak with slivered vegetables, parmesan pitchfork & garlic straw potato. I know that we kept the leftovers and ate them a few days later. That brown thing in the center -- is (ready for this fancy description?) very fine shoestring potato formed into that cylinder and deep-fried, then filled with a fried patty of cheese and also stuffed with some green things and carrot shreds and another of those breadsticks and some purple cabbage or something - to give it more color. Fancy, hey?

Okay, here's my favorite photo from the Cafe Diablo. This photo is of my dear wife, Nancy.

She had Rubbed Atlantic Salmon – $24
Pan flashed with Caineville greens, crab flautas & tomato fondue. Whooo-boy, it was very good, too.

Nevertheless, it's sure a nice photo of her, isn't it?

One final comment about Cafe Diablo: It's out in the middle of touristy southeast Utah, and many of the folks you'll find in the area are from foreign lands. Don't be surprised at how many languages you hear. It's far nicer than you'd expect to find so far away from "the big city". And -- best of all -- the price for our meal was not too bad, considering how much we enjoy the food, the ambience, the setting, and so on. For two meals, a side salad, a drink for Nancy, and a tip -- I paid about $75. I wouldn't have been upset if the bill had been somewhat higher -- that's how much I like the place. And I'm one that usually prefers the fine cuisine offered at the Flying J truckstop buffets, so that oughta say a lot.