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Maxton, NC
April, 2010

Riding the Kawasaki ZX12R faired, with nitrous

Video link sent from Maxton after the run.

193.95 mph in the mile.....


April, 2010 Videos

Riding the Kawasaki ZX12R

Here i am leaving the start line on the last run of the weekend -- when I went through the timing lights at 185.8 mph. You can tell this is not drag racing - by the way I start off so slowly, eventually building up speed.

You can hear the drive tire "spin up" near the end of this video -- because the power of the engine increased so dramatically, so suddenly, that the tire spun even though there's pretty good traction.


Here I'm approaching the finish line at Maxton. The speed is determined by carefully measuring the time it takes the racer to go between two electric eyes spaced 132' apart (that's 1/40 of a mile). The lights are located out of sight behind the big timing tower that you see.

The engine is turning about 11,500 rpm as the bike goes through the lights. Listen to it sing!




2009 - Here I am on the production ZX14.  At this point I was nearing the timing lights -- so doing about 190 mph -- and yu may notice that the front wheel is slightly off the ground.  Yee-hah, a wheelie at a buck-ninety!  You might also notice that I'm working to get as aerodynamical as possible -- my butt is up off the seat so I can get my head and chest further down behind the windscreen.


Mining Journal (our local paper) article

Maxton 2007

October 2007....Bill Murphy's 1966 Mustang


Last summer, Nancy and Jon.... Nancy ready to go in Dan Stoke's Camaro and Jon t-r-y-i-n-g to get in.
Maxton, NC

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MG-1350/4 Timing Slip (new record)
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