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SCTA and the Bonneville Nationals site., LOTS of info.

Rocky Robinson's site, author of "Flat Out"
A great read !

Nick Arias III
Engine parts and building
High quality components of every kind.

B&D Racing of Folsom, California (not the prison)

Airtech Streamlining
All sorts of fairings and accessories

Pit Bull Products
Motorcycle stands and more.

LSR Publication


Engine Management Systems
Dave Dahlgren

Supplies the MoTeC computers for our bikes. A tuning wizard, Dave's always there at Bonneville. Sort of like having Albert Einstein available to help out with your physics homework.

East Coast Timing Association
Maxton, NC

Utah Salt Flats Racing Association

Bonneville 200 MPH Club

Dry Lakes Racers, Australia
A fun bunch of folks!

Sumner's Racing Page

This site has more land speed racing information and photos than any other (that I know of)

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Bonneville Pages
Tech Pages

Gary Hart's Site

The Nish Family Site

Richard Thomason's Site

Upper Peninsula Recycling Coalition

Not racing, but a professional interest